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Security alarm

Corporate News
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The company organized all the staff in the Spring Festival and held a training session on “The correct way to escape and the use of escape equipment in the event of fire and other dangers”. Since we are large industrial enterprises, workers have more dealings with combustible materials, such as paint, gasoline, and thinner materials. There is also a period of heavy electricity use in the office. Therefore, everyone attaches great importance to this training. The professional teacher introduced the use methods and operation points of various fire extinguishers, and then focused on the basic common sense of how to report and evacuate and escape in case of fire and other dangerous situations. This training has effectively improved the safety awareness of employees, learned the measures and methods of fire fighting and saving, and enhanced the ability of employees to evacuate and escape when they are in danger. It is generally believed that it is very necessary to carry out safety education. It is entirely beneficial to yourself and your family. Through this training, everyone said that they have learned a lot of security knowledge, always remember the safety first. And hope that the company will organize more in the future.