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The company's safety production standardization passed the standard

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Since the establishment of our company, we have conscientiously implemented and implemented the spirit of the national, provincial and municipal production safety policies, policies and documents. With the aim of "safe development and scientific development", we have always adhered to "safety first, prevention first," The policy of comprehensive management has effectively achieved safe production. This year, our company has comprehensively carried out safety standardization and continuously improved the level of safety management. After comprehensive and careful analysis of the company's safety production risks, the prevention mechanism, safety production responsibility system, safety production management system and operation procedures have been established and improved. The safety facilities and equipment of various production links and related positions are in compliance with relevant national laws and regulations. , standards, normative requirements, in the actual production and operation process, actively identify the problems, so that the level of safety management is continuously improved and improved. Our company attaches great importance to the safety education of all employees, adheres to the combination of theoretical education and on-site safety education, and effectively improves the safety awareness and safety skills of all employees. The achievement of the standard is not the purpose, so that the people, machines and environment of the enterprise are always the best. Operating in a safe state, a long-term mechanism for safe production has been established to ensure the company's safety, stability and sustainable development. The safety production standardization compliance review team came to our company for evaluation on the 16th and introduced the principles, contents and requirements of this assessment work. Sun Mingbo, the general manager of the company, first welcomed the inspection team on behalf of the company, and also worked on the standardization of safety production. All aspects of the company’s efforts have been explained. After the meeting, the members of the safety production standardization compliance group established by the company, with the five experts from the assessment team, from the mechanical operation procedures, line distribution, equipment use, plant environment, employee safety training and corporate safety production rules and regulations Five aspects were examined. At the last meeting held on the afternoon of October 17, 2014, the head of the inspection team gave us a positive answer. “Through this review, Jinan Jianling Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. passed the three levels of safety production standardization.” Our company has carefully studied and deeply understood this safety production standardization audit, and found that there is still a certain gap in the actual work. The problem is to further improve and refine the standardization work according to the requirements of the standard. Carrying out safety standardization work is an effective means and an important way to improve the level of enterprise safety production management. We must not only do a good job in the preparation and declaration of safety production standardization, but also implement safety production standards into the minds of every employee. In the course of action, I believe that under the correct leadership of the higher-level government departments, with the joint efforts of all employees of the company, each employee must be a standardized employee and truly integrate the standardization work into the corporate safety culture.